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Key Features

  • Cable free wireless communications.
  • Uses the supplied earpiece or virtually any Bluetooth headset
  • Small Wireless PTT.
  • Integral rechargeable Li-Poly batteries.
  • Intelligent charging. 

Unfortunately this product is no longer available. Our nearest available product is the SENA SR10. This is a high quality product which pairs with every genuine Bluetooth headsets or helmet kit that we have tried. It does however have a wired transmit button.

At present the only solutions that have wireless PTT are very high end radios with inbuilt Bluetooth from Icom, Motorola , Hytera, Caltta. Please get in touch for more information about these radios.

Adds Bluetooth functionality to your radio.

The Bluetooth Dongle plugs into the earpiece socket of your radio and comes paired with a Bluetooth PTT button and Bluetooth earpiece. You can of course pair your own Bluetooth earpiece,  Helmet kit or Sordin Bluetooth ear-defender instead.

The PTT can be carried in a pocket, worn as a pendant or attached to the optional wrist strap (which makes it ideal for Motorcycling, Cycling, Equestrian or air-sports.)

All three supplied units have internal Li-Poly batteries and can be charged in a couple of hours from the supplied three way mains charger.


Applications / Other Information

  • Covert communications.
  • Extreme environment communications.
  • Motorcycling. Bike to bike with  Helmet Kits
  • Air-sports.
  • Cycling, Bike to Bike.
  • Equestrian
  • Hearing Protection with Sordin Wireless Ear-Defenders.

Supplied with;

  • Bluetooth Dongle
  • Bluetooth Earpiece
  • Bluetooth PTT
  • PTT Pendant (can be removed)
  • Three-way Charger
  • Velcro Attachment Kit.
  • Instruction Manual

Click here to view answers to your questions about radio and wireless voice communications.

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