Rider Communicatons for National Escort Group Riders

Riders for the National Escort Group have contacted us over the years for a good solution for bike-to-bike and bike-to-comissaire. After trying many solutions none of which satisfied every rider we decided it was time to design a solution which fitted the requirements of most.

The key requirements are.

  • Simple. 'I just want to press a button and talk'
  • Low Maintenance. ' I really don't want to have to charge several little Bluetooth batteries'
  • Minimal connections. 'I don't want lots of wires and connectors to connect and disconnect when I get on and off the bike'.
  • Compatibility. I already have a helmet kit, can I use that with your kit.

The Solution:

  • Wireless Handlebar mounted transmit button (PTT). Just press and talk. Instant comm's. None of the latency (PTT lag) experienced with Bluetooth.
  • No batteries. Powered from the radio. Only the radio battery to be charged.
  • No wires to the bike. One robust curly cable. Only if you remove your helmet is there a connector to unplug.
  • Compatible with virtually all wired helmet kits and all Kenwood and many Kenwood Clone radios.

For more details see the product page. Wireless PTT


  • No wires between Bike and Rider.
  • Comm's follows the Rider not the Bike.
  • Comm's with and without helmet.
  • No batteries to charge.
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