HYT TC320 Snowsports Radios Kit

Part Number: KIT-SKI-TC320
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Key Features

  • Licence free across Europe.
  • Superb audio quality.
  • Superb build quality.
  • Robust and Weatherproof.
  • Small size. Lightweight

Instant Communications
Stay in touch with Instant Group communications. No dialling, No international charges. Professional quality radios. Fully repairable even out of warranty.

A complete radio system for snow-sports. The smallest professional quality radios that we know of suitable for daily use, either for leisure or business. Tough, weatherproof, small and lightweight. No burden to carry all day. Supplied as a complete kit with all you need to use and charge them from the mains or from a vehicle.

Professional Quality
Don't confuse these with other small PMR 446 radios. These have intelligent charging and Li-Ion batteries and are fully repairable. We have sold over 450 of these radios and only seen one failure in or out of warranty. We repair them here in York if they do go wrong.

As good as the best PMR446 radios
We have made range and audio tests with this radio compared against the highly popular Kenwood TK-3301 and can find no significant difference in performance.

PMR446 Settings
The radios will be shipped PC pre-programmed by us to talk to one another but to avoid you hearing other PMR446 users. If you want them to talk to other radios or you want a list of the channel settings as programmed please get in touch and we will custom program them at no charge.

Applications / Other Information

  • 2x HYT TC-320 PMR446 radios.
  • 2x Beltclips and Lanyards
  • 2x UK 3 Pin Mains Chargers
  • 1x Twin 12v Cigarette Lighter charger (Charges two radios)
  • 2x Acoustic Tube Earpiece Mics. (Other types available Please phone 01904 630 686)
  • 1x Super Rugged Waterproof Carry Case.

If you would like different items in the kit, different earpieces for instance, or more radios in the kit please phone. We assemble them to order and know how everyone has different earpiece preferences.

Click here to view answers to your questions about radio and wireless voice communications.

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