iPTT Radio Gateway


Typical Applications

  • Marine Industries
  • Construction & Rail
  • Fire, Search & Rescue
  • Outdoor Pursuits
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Key Features

  • Heavy duty diecast chassis
  • Water Resistant to IP55 and MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
  • Simple error-proof operation
  • Channel Annunciation using speech synthesis
  • Drop-in charger
  • Loud and clear audio output
  • Call Alert
  • Long Li-Ion battery life

Links two otherwise incompatible radio systems. Allows an IPTT radio to be connected to other PTT radio systems, Analogue, DMR, dPMR etc.

  • Simple setup. Plug In, Switch On.
  • Adaptable to many radio makes and models.
  • Long battery life.
  • Easily charged from multiple power sources.
  • Small and Portable. Ideal for remote locations.

How it Works
Activity on one radio system is mirrored on the other radio system. This bi-directional interface is also known as Cross-Banding, occasionally Patching or Bridging.

Audio from the Receiving radio is routed to the Transmit radio. Transmitting is triggered by VOX sensing of the incoming audio.


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