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Fitting Panorama Glassmount Aerials

01 January 1970

This article is based many years experience fitting Panorama glass-mount aerials for car phones. However Phone aerials are no more than 25cm long, often shorter. A VHF glass mount is much longer and is subjected to much higher wind loading, so a good, secure fit is essential.


As high as possible is the best place. Take care to make sure the aerial whip will not get knocked by doors, roof racks or other obstacles.

The whip should be vertical or as near as possible. If this places the whip near the metal structure or roof rack of the vehicle try to arrange it so that the whip is as far away as possible. 20cm minimum.

Some glass is metal coated which will prevent proper transfer of the signal through the glass. This type of glass often has a blue metallic look from certain angles. It is typically only used on front screens. However on rear screens there are often heater elements, these are sometimes found on front screens too and should be avoided for the same reason. Most screens will have a small area free of coatings or heaters often in the corners or near the rear view mirror.

Temperature and Humidity

Adhesion is almost totally dependent on the double sided pad. For this to work the glass and pad should be warm and dry. Much better adhesion will be achieved when temperatures are higher than 15C so get the vehicle into a heated shed or use a hair dryer and the screen heater to warm the glass and pad. (If running the engine make sure there is plenty of ventilation.) A dry day will have lower humidity which also helps adhesion.

De Grease.

Any grease on the glass will prevent proper adhesion. Clean with the alcohol pad provided or use Methylated spirits.


  • Fit the inner pad first then carefully position the outer pad over it. If the area is as warm as 15C it will stick instantly so slowly lower it into position as re positioning it will be very difficult.
  • Once in place press it hard and hold it there for about a minute.
  • Finally seal it with silicon sealant as instructed by Panorama.

Fitting the Whip.

DO  NOT fit the whip for at least 12 hours, 24 hours in cool weather. The adhesive pad takes a while to cure and bond fully with the glass.

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