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Product Review - Nanocomm

01 January 1970

Hello Aaron,

I would be more than happy to write an honest review for the Nanocomm.

I purchased the Nanocomm Ultra Lightweight General Aviation headset few months ago, the environment I use the headset are on a regional jet (Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet 700/900) and not general aviation airplane. I will try and review the components of the headset and my experience with it.

1.    The headset bag is made out of good material, is light, and allows for carrying the headset fairly easily. The inner compartment of the headset has a net that helps keep the headset in place. The only downside of the headset bag, and it's probably because of the way I carry my fight bag, is that I wish the front of the headset bag would be a bit more firm to protect the headset from being smashed.

2.    The Cables feel strong and yet are not rigid. In comparison to my previous headset, Bose A20, I feel that they are a bit stronger.

3.    The Ezefit earmolds that are being supplied with the headset are not that great, I would suggest going with the custom ear-molds option as the experience is very much different. Initially, I tried to fly with Ezefit ear molds, and about an hour into the flight I would start feeling the Ear Skelton (Ezefit ear molds) pushing against my ear and hurting me. After purchasing the custom ear molds I started to have a whole different experience. The custom ear-molds are perfectly fitted into the ear and create great sealing for noise. In comparison to my previous Bose A20, I would say that in my current flying environment (relatively quiet jet), there is no difference between the noise cancelation quality. Bottom line, the custom ear-molds make the Nanocomm 10 times better.

4.    Overall experience and quality are very good, and not only for the price which in my opinion is more than fair, but also comparing to much more expensive alternatives. I was looking for a headset that won’t hurt me on a long day of flying, and the Nanocomm does not push on my head like other headsets with headbands. The control on the lanyard feels a bit of low quality, or maybe lacking in design but I do not have interaction with it and therefore it does not bothers me that much. The mic is a bit shorter than the standard length of mics on other headsets, but I start to appreciate it as it allows me to keep sipping water without the need to move the mic. I did notice that there is a white dot that should be facing toward the mouth to ensure you speak directly into the mic, my colleagues indicate that the mic quality is loud and clear, no problem with ATC as well.




Dear Tomy,

I am a B777 pilot at ****** and I have been using the nanocom since 3 years so far. 

I did an extensive research before coming to this model, as I can fly for more than 9 hours and the B777 is very noisy.

I ordered the headset with the custom built hear moulds,  and they changed my day in the airplane. 

The noise reduction is remarkable for passive noise systems and also I do not suffer the pain of any clamp overhead, neither any interference with wearing glasses, as the hang around your neck virtually weightless.

Once you fly with this equipment you will never go back. Also they reduce the noise at the level you can still hear the rad alt voice, so if using intercom you will still keep awarness of the flight deck environment. 

Ultimately,  the customer support is simply astonishing. After few years of wearing,  some minor damages due to intense use needed some repairs, I sent them back and in 2 weeks had it back all set soon! 

If you have any questions,  please contact me, I will be happy to answer!



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