Sonetics Four User Wireless Base SON-112-3095-OE

Part Number: SON-BASE-4USER

Typical Applications

  • Security & Defence
  • Construction & Rail
  • Marine Industries
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Key Features

  • 1 to 4 users
  • Base units can be daisy chained for 8, 12, 16 users.
  • DECT technology
  • Robust

This is the hub of the Sonetics wireless system. Available in one and four user versions. It forms the basis of a very powerful full-duplex multiple user system with the potential to connect to external radio networks, wired comms systems and integration into a wide variety or work environments both low and extreme noise.

Nuclear Decontamination , Rail Maintenance, Plant Operations, Production Line, Education, Motor Sports.

Range to headsets and belt-packs is several hundred metres and can be increased using our DECT repeater.

Powered from 12v it makes a standalone four user full-duplex comms system.

Connected to the Sonetics radio interface unit full control of any two-way radio for wide area communications can be achieved.

Connected to the Wildtalk Audio Gateway the following can be achieved:

  • Full Hands-free for Vehicle drivers, Crane operators etc.
  • Desktop Mic and Speakers for Control room applications.
  • External audio input for alarms or entertainment.

The Sonetics uses DECT technology which is a robust, long range, interference free wireless technology using protected frequencies far superior to Bluetooth and similar shared-use 2.4Ghz systems.

Applications / Other Information

  • Nuclear Decontamination.
  • Rail Maintenance.
  • Plant Operation.
  • Production Line.
  • Education.
  • Motor Sports.
  • Power 12v 80mA
  • Four Users in full duplex.
  • Fifth Standby User can be programmed.
  • PTT signal for external radio systems.

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