Battery Alert for HYTERA RD625 TDMA Repeater

Part Number: WT-RBA

Typical Applications

  • Fire, Search & Rescue
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Hytera Battery Alert Unit
Repeater Battery Low
Hytera Battery Alert Unit
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Battery Alert for HYTERA RD625 TDMA Repeater
Battery Alert for HYTERA RD625 TDMA Repeater
Battery Alert for HYTERA RD625 TDMA Repeater
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Key Features

  • Send Text Messages altering:
  • Mains Fail
  • Battery Low
  • Mains Restore
  • Tamper
  • Radio Text alerts of Mains Fail, Mains Restore, Battery Empty & Tamper
  • Help Protect SLA batteries from Deep Discharge.
  • Protect Repeater Housings against tampering.

In conjunction with a standby battery this unit will trigger a Hytera repeater to send text alerts to display radios under Mains Fail, Battery Low or Tamper conditions.


  • 'Mains Fail' or similar message of your choice will be sent to selected radios when the mains fails and the repeater switches to battery power. It does this by sensing the drop in voltage from Mains power to Battery Power.
  • 'Mains Restored' or similar message will be sent when mains is restored.
  • 'Battery Low' The repeater cannot function with battery voltages lower than 11.7 Volts so the circuit will trigger the message once the battery reaches around 12v giving some warning that the battery is approaching discharged.
  • 'Tamper' The unit has a Normally Closed Tamper loop which when broken will send an message to selected radios. This can be used to protect the repeater against tampering.


Applications / Other Information

  • Mission Critical Applications
  • The unit is powered from the 13v output from the repeater 26 pin ACC Con.
  • A standard Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery of around 6Ah or more should be connected direct to the repeater battery port. The repeater float charges this battery (it is not capable for restoring charge from a flat battery). Refer to the repeater manual.
  • This simply plugs into the 26 pin ACC port. No other connections are required.
  • This is a current loop of about 12mA (12V). It should be connected to a switch which is closed when the repeater cabinet or hut door is securely closed. This could be any standard alarm reed switch or similar. The loop is self powered and should not be connected to any external power including the repeater power.

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