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Warranty & Serviceability

Free Configuration

All equipment, in particular radios, will be delivered programmed away from factory settings or to comply with your OFCOM licence so will be ready to use right out of the box (unless otherwise requested). We will always supply everything you need to get you up and running (no hidden extras). Batteries, chargers, belt clips, instructions etc

New PMR446 radios will be programmed away from the manufacturers default settings. This is to help eliminate interference. Important if other users are using similar radios in your area. If you are adding new radios to existing radios we will program the new ones to match at no extra charge. (You may need to send us a sample radio so we can copy the settings but we do this at no cost to you other then the cost of shipping to us.)

Equipment Warranty

Every radio and all the equipment we sell unless otherwise stated in the product listing has a 12 month warranty minimum. Many radios now have a 24 month warranty on the radio body. For most products that we build we offer a lifetime warranty.

In all cases this will be a return to Wildtalk warranty at your expense (unless the failure happens in the first month). Return shipping of the repaired or replacement item in this time period will be at our expense (unless you are outside the UK).

If you are not clear about the warranty offered on any item please ask.


12 Month Earpiece Warranty

Unless otherwise stated all earpieces have a one year warranty against faulty manufacture.

If your earpiece fails due to manufacturing defects within 53 weeks we will repair or replace it by return of post where possible.

Our reputation is based on the quality and reliability of the products we sell. The products we have chosen are tested to be very reliable because faulty returns waste time and expense for you and us so we take great care to ensure that you get an earpiece and service you are happy with and in turn recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

Occasionally an earpiece will fail due to a manufacturing defect. Yes it is us who decides on whether a fault is due to a manufacturing defect or misuse but we do not mess around trying to avoid warranty replacements. If there is any doubt we will replace. It is just not worth our time or reputation disputing any but obvious misuse. So you can buy with confidence knowing that you will get what you pay for.

Warranty covers manufacturing defects and failure under 'normal use' (as listed in the items description) for a period of 12 months plus one week from the date of delivery. If the item stops working for no obvious reason return it and we will repair or replace it at no charge.

The following are NOT covered under warranty so take care to avoid them.

  •     Stretching, snagging, crushing or severing.
  •     Use in an obviously unsuitable application.
  •     E.g.. Non-waterproof products at sea.
  •     Being left for long periods in strong sunlight.
  •     Damage from personal hygiene products.
  •     Damage from any liquids (except water for waterproof products)
  •     Acoustic tubes blocked with liquids or earwax.
  •     All items are supplied with an attached warranty label or serial number and this must be intact for us to uphold the warranty.

If the item fails under warranty it will be repaired or replaced. Return shipping to Wildtalk is at your expense if the item has failed after more than one month. The item must be returned with a Wildtalk Customer Returns Form which must completed with your contact details and a description of the fault.


Wildtalk Battery Warranty

All our batteries, Genuine and Non-Genuine have a 12 month warranty.

A question we are often asked is should I buy Genuine or non Genuine batteries?. This is a difficult question to answer.

Genuine batteries are always excellent quality but the price is often quite high compared to non-genuine types.

We only supply a non-genuine battery where the specification matches or exceeds the original and the price is significantly less. Wildtalk non-genuine batteries are guaranteed quality (12 Months). They are sourced from a UK battery specialist (although they are made outside the UK) and have an assured quality, capacity and fit. Full manufacturers data can be provided on any battery if required.

Our Non Genuine Batteries:

  •     Specification matches or exceeds original.
  •     Full Short Circuit and Thermal fusing.
  •     Quality assured; Data sheets available.
  •     Supplied Date Coded.
  •     Make a proper fit to the radio.
  •     12 Month Warranty from Supply date.

Non Genuine batteries are available from many other sources but quality can be very variable and sometime have no internal protection against short circuiting. They may not fit properly, may have unknown capacity or do not last even 12 months. As there is no way of knowing or measuring the quality of a non-genuine batteries you do take a risk buying them if they do not carry a warranty like ours.

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