Off The Map Tours

The Problem
Off the Map Tours operating Motorcycle and Mountain bike tours found problems co-ordinating riders and support vehicles over great distances where there is no phone coverage. In the event of an accident or breakdown help needs to summoned quickly.

The Wildtalk Solution
The lower VHF frequencies give the best range in the vast open spaces of Mongolia. Good antennas combined with sensitive radios maximise range. Vehicles have permanently fitted aerials and high power mobile radios powered from the vehicle battery.

Riders use a standard VHF hand-held radios but with the Wildtalk designed backpack aerial to maximise range. To avoid the continued plugging-unplugging of connectors when mounting and dismounting the bike the Wildtalk designed Wireless PTT is ideal.


  • Low VHF for maximum range.
  • External Aerials on vehicles.
  • Wireless PTT for simple Bike communications
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