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Kenwood Nexedge Digital and Analogue Systems Repeater

Part Number: NXR-810E & NXR-710E

Typical Applications

  • Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Power
  • Construction & Rail
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NXR-810E & NXR-710E
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Key Features

  • Digital Mode
  • Analogue Mode
  • Multiple CTCSS handling for virtual analogue channels
  • Internal space for Duplexer
  • Optional 12v battery backup
  • 240/100 or 12v powered
  • Optional IP site linking

A Repeater will at least double the range of any simple 'back to back' radio system.

Most radio systems involve communication between users who are stood at ground level. Buildings and the terrain get in the way of direct radio paths between users and range can be limited. A Repeater is located in a high position to relay the signal over obstructions.

The NXR-810 and 710 is built to the same format at the incredibly reliable TKR-751 and 851 analogue repeaters but incorporates digital repeat too.

If you are starting from scratch with a new Nexedge digital system or migrating from analogue would like to mix analogue and digital radios this repeater will handle both modes.

Applications / Other Information

  • On Site Systems
  • Very Large Sites and City wide
  • Sites Linked by IP for VOIP radio

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