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Icom Airband 2 Pin Wiring Data

01 November 2015

Wildtalk Earpieces with this plug end with the part number -I-AIR

This wiring plan is for Icom Airband radios only. It does not apply to other Icom radios.

2.5mm Pin

Mic Gnd.
Common Ground for Mic.

Mic +
Data measured from IC-A6. Phantom Voltage 6.5V.
Standard Electret Mics give good modulation.

Grounding to Mic Gnd will cause the radio to transmit.


3.5mm Pin

Speaker Out and Side Tone

Spk Gnd
Speaker Ground (not necessarily commoned with Mic Gnd)

Prog (not available in this cable)
Ring on the 3.5mm plug.
Connected to the radio data in-out line. In audio leads this conductor is normally shorted to Spk Gnd

Use OPC-499 to connect to General Aviation headsets.

Radio Models

Icom Air band Radios.

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