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Icom Marine M1 Euro, M71 and M73

01 November 2015

This wiring plan is for Icom Marine radios with the unique Icom connector.

Icom Marine M1 Euro, M71 and M73

Common Ground for Speaker and Mic

Mic & PTT
Electret Mics only connected here. When Mic is connected via PTT to Ground the radio transmits. (Mic and PTT are in series).

Mic may need to be bypassed with 3K3 resistor to function correctly.

When programming this is connected to TTl level programmer.

When connecting an audio accessory this pin is grounded to tell the radio to route audio to the accessory socket.

Speaker Out. 8ohms or higher.

Icom Marine M1 Euro, M71 and M73

We can only supply this cable as part of a genuine Icom speaker Mic

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