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Key Features of Production & Manufacturing Radio Systems

01 January 1970

Radio for a production environment are probably the radios which have to comply with more demanding requirements than any other type of radio or radio system in any other environment.

The Three Basic Requirements..

  • Reliable and Robust to minimise downtime.
  • Suitable for multi-shift working with rapid hand-over.
  • Built to withstand the working environmental conditions.

That's just the basics. Beyond those..

  • Audio handling suited to the working (ambient) noise levels.
  • Capable of supporting Ear-defenders or other specialist headsets where required.
  • Featured with Lone Worker or Man-down where required.
  • Featured with Private as well as Group Calls when needed.
  • Capable of receiving Process & Alarm Control Alerts, Email and SMS
  • Capable of triggering Processes, Alarms and SMS
  • Capable of interfacing into the site phone system.
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