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Meet & Greet with Private Calling

Aaron Ward
01 January 2015


  • Improve Productivity.
  • Truly Private Calls.
  • One of the smallest radios available.

The new generation of digital radios and the Hytera PD365 in particular is an ideal choice for Meet and Greet communications.

No bigger than a smart phone this radio gives all the benefits of the familiar standard analogue radios but with many extra features at very little extra cost.

All the following features are super simple to use after a few minutes casual instruction. Certainly easier to use than any smart phone.

Group your Staff
Staff that talk frequently are Grouped, so you may have two or three Groups; Sales, Service, Reception for example. A normal press of the transmit button will only call radios in the same Group.  As a user this means you normally only hear calls relevant to you while your radio is silent to other Groups.

All Call (Site-wide call).
A single brief press of the All Call side button before transmitting will call every radio on-site. Essential for safety calls. After the call has finished the radio will automatically return to making Group calls.

Private Calls
You may wish to pass information to a particular member of staff without anyone else hearing. Because each radio in the system has a unique ID you can bring up its number on the display and make a call to only that particular radio.

Short Message System. SMS
Much like a voice call you can send a short message to All radio, a Group or an Individual radio. These messages are pre-programmed and require minimal key presses.

Uses standard Micro USB charging like most smart phones so is easily charged anywhere.

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