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Motorola T5522 series chargers.

01 January 1970


  • The output of the mains adaptor is AC 9V so a meter set to DC will show no voltage. AC meters will read about 12v AC no load.
  • The charger is a very simple trickle charger and takes 14 hours to charge the battery. Batteries left on charge for much longer will be damaged.
  • DC adaptors will work but only power one charge socket not both.
  • The LEDs only light when a valid battery is connected via the radio, they will not light otherwise.
  • The battery must be the proper battery pack, ordinary NiMh cells will not connect to the charger pins and therefore will not charge.

Test 1. The charger and the PSU.

  • Connect the PSU to a known working mains socket
  • Connect the PSU to the charger..
  • Use a coin to short each pair of  radio charger terminals in turn. (You cannot damage the charger doing this).
  • If each LED lights you can be sure the charger and PSU is in working order.

Test 2. Check the radio batteries are connecting to the charger.

    1. Fit the special rechareable battery pack into the radio. (Single cell Nicads and NiMh wont work as outlined above)
    2. Check the battery is in the correct way with the charging terminals facing outward
    3. Refit the the battery lid and make sure the charging terminals are clean and connecting to the battery
    4. Fit the radio into the charger and check the LED lights.
    5. If the LED lisght the battery will charge in about 14 hours.
    6. If the LED does not light check the battery terminals, battery lid terminals and battery terminals are clean and  grease free. Use plain writing paper and alcohol (methylated spirits) to clean them. Nothing more abrasive.
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