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Radio System for Small Schools

01 November 2015

Many schools, small and medium sized start off with a small radio systems to evaluate if radio really does offer instant rapid communications, improvements in safety and increases in productivity.

The great thing about radio is that small systems can be grown into large systems just by adding more radios, manager radios and eventually a repeater if the site is large enough to demand it.

The majority of schools are small sites; Primary schools where half a dozen radios are all that is required. For these schools a simple back-to-back, and perhaps PMR446 licence free system is all that is required. A low cost but effective tool that can be put to a variety of uses through the school day:

  • Finding the caretaker.
  • Supporting the SEND staff.
  • Organising the dinner queue.
  • Calling the First-Aiders.
  • Keeping the playground safe.
  • Communication from the sport field.
  • Organising Going-home-time.


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