McKay Basic Open Face Helmet Kit 5HKFBF-TA5

Part Number: MK-HOF+PTT
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Key Features

  • Slim Velcro-in speakers.
  • Plug and socket on helmet cable.
  • Finger PTT
  • Body worn radio.

A Classic low cost, good quality open face helmet kit to make two-way radios useable while wearing a helmet.

Twin slim speakers and flexible boom microphone Velcro into the helmet lining without modifying the helmet. Wires are routed under the helmet lining and a short cable and 4 pole 3.5mm connector allows the helmet to be removed and disconnected from the rest of the wiring.

The radio connector splits to two cables each with a connector. One routes to the helmet. The other to the finger mounted Velcro attached PTT button (usually left-hand forefinger and pressed with your thumb).

This wiring arrangement allows you use the kit whole kit and radio body-worn with the PTT finger-worn. The advantage of this system is nothing attached to the bike and you have comms when you get off the bike.

Uses the McKay CLAW system which allows you to change the radio connector to suit a huge range of radios.


To connect this to your radio you will need to order one of the McKay CLAWS listed below.

Applications / Other Information

  • Motorcycle Bike-to-Bike
  • Quad Communications.
  • Karting.
  • Air sports.
  • Velcro-fit PTT.
  • Velcro-in Helmet Kit.
  • Radio Lead

Speakers: 32ohm
Mic: Electret
PTT: Finger Mount

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