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A complete set of five sizes of memory foam earbuds. One of each size only. Only order if you require these for a single earpiece or if your ear holes are different sizes.

If you require a Binaural / Stereo set order this kit.

Memory foam has a large compression ratio so it makes a good fit without execess pressure. Five sizes which vary in both diameter and length allow you to find a good fit for each individual ear, the sizes of which are often different for each person.

This a kit of 5 buds only. (10 are shown to illustrate the sizing) and five right angle adaptors to fit your acoustic tube.

May also fit MP3 earphones with a 2.5 to 3mm spigot.

1 x Orange 14mm Long
1 x Red 12mm Lomg
1 x Black 12mm Short
1 x Green 10mm Short
1 x Blue 10mm Long

1x Set of tube adaptors.


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