WD-K10PBSE DECT 1.9 GHz Full-Duplex Portable Base Station

Part Number: WD-K10PBSE

Typical Applications

  • College & University
  • Marine Industries
  • Film, TV, Theatre
  • Retail & Public Facing
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WD-K10PBSE DECT 1.9 GHz Full-Duplex Portable Base Station
WD-K10PBSE DECT 1.9 GHz Full-Duplex Portable Base Station
WD-K10PBSE DECT 1.9 GHz Full-Duplex Portable Base Station
WD-K10PBSE DECT 1.9 GHz Full-Duplex Portable Base Station
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Key Features

  • Wireless communications without button pressing.
  • Full duplex Intercom with 2 to 10 users per base station.
  • Fully self-contained with lightweight headsets or ear-defenders for full-duplex use.
  • Audio gateway/ interface for other communications systems.
  • Fully intuitive in use - Virtually no training required.
  • Encrypted for voice security.

The WD-K10PBSE is a portable base unit combined with beltpack for the Protalk FD systems. It requires one or more WD-K10PTRE units to make a full duplex system. 10 belt-packs can be paired in full-duplex and many more as listeners.

There is an alternative fixed base unit which also serves as audio gateway and repeater for wider areas systems.

The Kenwood Protalk FD DECT communications system is a full duplex (no button pressing) intercom or can be used in conventional push-to-talk mode.

It uses DECT technology which in our experience is much more interference free than Bluetooth and similar 2.4Ghz systems. networks to give coverage for virtually any application where one or many users need to talk instantly and interrupt one another freely and without button pressing.

All users hear each other, can talk over one another and communicate instantly and naturally without pauses, dialling or button presses. It can also be configured to work in Push to Talk Mode when users mostly only listen.

As a hand-held unit it works in PTT mode but with headset can be Full Duplex or PTT at the push of a button.

Licence-free full-duplex will give a range as large as your Wifi coverage this can be from one or many Wireless access points with seamless roaming between them. Works on 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi so interference from other system can be avoided The system can be portable, vehicle or site installed so users can roam over entire sites without losing comms.

Existing two-way radios, Tetra or phone communications can be interfaced keeping the WD users in communication with wider area voice systems, site alarms and paging.



Applications / Other Information

  • A wide range of headsets are available.
  • Base unit which can be powered by 12/110/240 and battery (portable version).
  • Wireless Bridges for wide area coverage powered 12/110/240 and battery (portable version).
  • Radio Communications interface available.
  • Can be connected to IP phones.

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