Wildtalk Radio Carry Harness

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Wildtalk Radio Carry Harness
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Wildtalk Radio Carry Harness
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Wildtalk Radio Carry Harness
Wildtalk Radio Carry Harness
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Key Features

  • Carries the radio in an accessible and naturally protected position.
  • The radio stays with the operator during movements between vehicle, helicopter, foot and crag.
  • Will not interfere with the majority of safety harnesses or rucksacks.
  • Eliminates the need for speaker mics and therefore potentially unreliable connections.
  • Eliminates hand held use and the risk of dropping onto rock or into water.
  • Worn under a waterproof shell layer protects the radio from rain and reduces wind noise
  • Can be used to carry other utility equipment such as mobile phones, GPS etc.
  • Manufactured in the UK from high quality fabrics and ITW Nexus fitttings.

This harness has been developed to provide an effective carry system for the new generation of small radios. It keeps the radio located close to the user for good incoming and outgoing audio and access to the controls.

The radio is positioned in a naturally protected body area and will not interfere with mobility. High on the users chest enables better reception than other body worn methods. The simple low profile design means the harness can be comfortably worn directly over base layer clothing. With the radio under shell clothing it is protected from rain and wind noise. It is comfortable to wear in all UK weather from T-shirt weather through to near Arctic conditions.

The crossing back strap and lateral movement in the vertical chest straps allows the radio and harness to self
adjust as the user moves. The radio is secure and usable even when the operator bends over or inverts.

All the fastenings are ITW Nexus. Secondary Pouch is available.

Applications / Other Information

  • Minimal design for use in hot and humid conditions.
  • Dynamic and adjustable fit will not inhibit mobility.
  • Flat webbing can be worn under clothing layers or with other harnesses or rucksacks.
  • Single buckle for adjustment even while on the move.
  • Use as a carry system for other utility items such as torches, Tetra, phones, GPS etc.
  • Usable with most radios even up to the size of Motorola GP300's.

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