AKABEL 6591 Helmet Attached Long Range Bluetooth Defenders

Part Number: AK-6591-HEADSET

Typical Applications

  • Manufacturing & Food
  • Construction & Rail
  • Fire, Search & Rescue
  • Farming, Forestry, Shooting
  • Aviation & Airsports
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Key Features

  • Boom Mic
  • Power and Volume
  • Headband or Helmet mount versions
  • Salt water resistant.
  • Fully serviceable.

The AK6591, also known as the Arborcom is a simple two person full duplex communications these Bluetooth enabled ear-defenders give up to 200m range. (The AK6592 is the headband version and the AK6591 is the helmet attached version.)

Using two headsets full duplex communication can be achieved between them. A range of up to 200m can be achieved in open space situations.

This is a simple two person full-duplex system. If you need more users or to connected the headsets users to other communications systems get in touch, we have solutions for these applications too.

Full Duplex:
(No button pressing) phone type conversations. Both users can talk at the same time just like a normal telephone conversation but without airtime costs.

Self contained.
No external units or cables, all the electronics and power is housed within the ear cups.

Optional Upgrades
Additional cable interface for Two-way radios or Cordless phones for off-site communications is available.

Price Each
Price below is for a Single headset. Two are required for a full-duplex system.

Applications / Other Information

  • Forestry and Tree Maintenance
  • Building Trades
  • Industrial
  • Crane and Plant Communications
  • Marine and Vessel Maintenance
  • Engine and Generator Servicing
  • Hovercraft and small vessel Comms


  • One Headset
  • High Capacity NiMH Battery
  • Intelligent Charger
  • Mic Windshield

Price Each
Price below is for a Single headset. Two are required for a full-duplex system.

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