Earpiece Type
Headset - For Helmets
Headset - For High Noise
Radio Plug Type
Kenwood 2 pin
Motorola 2 pin Plug
Motorola GP340 Multipin
Motorola GP344 Multipin
Motorola T series 2.5mm
Motorola TRBO, DP3 Series, DP4 Series Multipin
Motorola MTH, MTP850 Side Plug
Icom Right Angle Screw Down
Icom Right Angle
Icom Multipin I2
Icom / Standard Straight Plug
Icom Airband
Hytera PD5 series
Hytera PD6 & X1 series
Hytera PD7 series
Modular - QX Quick Exchange
Modular - McKay
Maxon 2 pin
Audio - All
Products by Application
Aviation & Airsports
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