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Analogue Radio - Advantages

Aaron Ward
01 January 1970

Radio has been analogue since the days of Marconi (Morse code and some other data formats excepted) but in the last few years digital (voice) radio with its many advantages as become available to the commercial radio user. However analogue radio still has some advantages:

  • Analogue radios are cheaper than digital although the price differential with digital will soon disappear.
  • New analogue radios are inter-operable with old equipment even radios as old as 30 years.
  • Analogue radios are best suited to wide area applications where the user may be moving in and out of coverage. Applications such as search and rescue or outdoor pursuits.
  • Audio quality is more natural, less robotic sounding with analogue radios.
  • There is no Latency with analogue radios. Latency is the delay of a fraction of a second caused by the analogue to digital and back to analogue conversion. This can be a nuisance to certain users particularly in film and TV.
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