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Digital Radio - Advantages

Aaron Ward
20 November 2015
Transmitting in a digital manner means information other than speech can also be transmitted, this means digital radios are capable of much more than analogue radios. Also the speech can be digitally processed to enhance audio quality under poor signal or high noise conditions.

The key advantages of digital are.

There are two different digital radio technologies. DMR and DPMR. These are not inter-operable and each has some advantages over the other. DMR has become the most popular because it allows two concurrent voice calls through a single repeater making it more cost effective in commercial applications.

In the majority of radio applications digital can be considered as an improved solution with better performance and features compared to analogue radio. However in certain circumstanced such as Search and Rescue and Marine use analogue radio may still be a much more practical solution and indeed analogue radios with digital speech processing can often outperform analogue and digital types in terms of range.
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