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Battery Management

01 January 1970

A battery which has been charged fully and which will not last for a whole day needs replacing. Common sense but ignoring this problem can make the whole radio system appear to be faulty.

The Problem: If that failing battery is in a radio system where any radio can be picked up by any user then one or two faulty batteries can soon make the whole radio system look like it has battery problems…. soon it seems everyone is complaining that their radio battery is not lasting the day.

The Solution: The solution is simple; Mark every battery with a unique ID. (If you buy your batteries from Wildtalk we will do this for you on request and at no charge).

When poor battery life is reported ensure the battery on that radio is then fully re-charged before further use. If again it will not last a day then remove it from circulation, dispose of it and replace it with a new battery. You can confirm its condition by sending it to Wildtalk for analysis if you are not sure. We can measure its capacity which can be compared to that of a new battery.

All new batteries supplied by Wildtalk come with date coded labels (so you know if they fail under warranty) and we will mark them with a unique ID on request (and at no extra charge).



  • Mark every battery with a unique date code and ID. An example of a suitable code might be; Year Month-ID. Eg 1503-26 (Battery no 26 supplied March 2015)
  • Ensure batteries are fully charged before use.
  • Educate your staff to remove batteries from circulation which don't last the day.
  • Dispose of these batteries or have them analysed to confirm their remaining capacity.


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