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Wildtalk Battery Warranty

01 January 1970

Wildtalk Battery Warranty

All the batteries we supply both Wildtalk Branded (non-genuine) and Original Manufacturer branded (genuine) carry a full 12month warranty against manufacturing defects.

All our batteries are date coded at shipping so you can easily check when you bought them and asses for yourself how they have lasted and hence their quality.

Expected Overall Battery Life
In daily use (single shift) you can expect at least 18 months before a battery needs replacing. In many cases batteries will last not 18 months but many years, especially in low power radios such as PMR446 equipment.

Choosing Wildtalk Branded or Original Manufacturer
We brand and date code our batteries because we are confident that the quality is similar to the Original manufactured batteries. We source all our batteries from the same supplier and have been using that supplier for over 10 years because we know the quality is excellent and second to none. We can supply technical data for any battery and have full traceability back to source.

That said Original Manufacturer batteries are also superb quality so there is little to choose between them. Price is the only real differential and in some cases that difference is not very much.

Where possible we offer both Original and Wildtalk Branded so the choice is yours.

Cheap Batteries
There are many suppliers of cheaper batteries out there and we have tried them from time to time. In every case we have found either the build quality to be poor (bad fit to the radio), the lifetime to be short and in some case for them to be fire hazards because critical safety components have been omitted to save costs.

With batteries you get what you pay for.

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