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Choosing a Radio System

01 January 1970

Choosing a Radio System
Before choosing a radio system consider these points:

  • Most radios are designed to last years and be repaired if they do go wrong. (Wildtalk only sell these types)
  • Radio systems can be grown by adding more radios and more features as the system grows.

Both these points mean that a radio system, in the long term, is a very low cost technology.

Before recommending a radio or radio system the questions we ask are:

1. Over what sort of area should be radio be able to communicate? Is the area urban? a dense concrete and steel building? or is it open country?
The answers to these questions decide if the radio system is a Back-to-back or a Repeater system.

2. How many radios are likely to be in use? If many radios can the users be split into Groups?
The answer to this question decides if the the radios can operate as one single Group or take advantage of Selective Calling.

3. Are the radios to be used in noisy environment?
The answer to this question helps decide the technology of radio to be used. Digital radios perform best in noisy environments. Radios that can readily accept Ear-defender headsets may be essential too.

4. Are the radios to be used in wet or ATEX environments?.
The two specific environments require specific models of radio.

5. Finally questions such as size and weight of the radio. Safety of life emergency features, GPS location, Man-down and Lone worker help select the exact model.

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