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Sonetics Headset and Beltpack Range

01 January 1970

Sonetics uses DECT frequencies of 1.9Ghz. This frequency is very directional and will not pass through metallic, stone, concrete or earth structures. It will not pass through modern foil backed plaster boards.

The range of the 2nd generation Sonetics system is quoted as 460m to the base unit. In reality this will be only achievable in very open areas, strictly line-of-sight. (1st Generation Sonetics equipment had about 2/3rd this range.)

Of course if the signal was strictly line-of-sight you would not be able to talk room to room. Actually the signal reflects quite well off the surfaces that it will not pass through. These reflections help signal coverage taking signals around corners and into corridors.

Best Range
Ensure the base unit is visible to all the headsets. If this is impossible try to locate the base unit so there are no metallic or heavy obstructions between the base unit and the headsets.

  • Locate it as high as practical if this will 'overlook' the work area.
  • Avoid leaving it on the ground. A metre or so off the ground is much better.
  • Avoid locating it inside a vehicle or work cabin (unless the whole system is to used inside the same area.)

Improving Range.
We can supply repeaters which are capable of doubling the range in open areas. Indoors they can be used at the entrance to an enclosed space to relay the signal in and out of confined areas.

  • Each Repeater will handle four users per repeater.
  • Repeater can be daisy chained to even greater ranges.
  • Repeaters can be mains or battery powered , portable or fixed.
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