Meet and Greet Radio System

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Meet & Greet
Meet & Greet
Meet & Greet
Meet & Greet
Meet & Greet
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Meet and Greet Radio System
Meet and Greet Radio System
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Key Features

  • 16 Channel
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Low Battery Alert
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F IP54/55
  • Heavy duty diecast chassis
  • Loud and clear half-watt audio output
  • Long Li-Ion battery life.
  • Fully serviceable

Meet and Greet System
Based on our experience with many dealerships and after trials of various equipment we have found the following parts to be an effective and popular solution. Listed below are details for each part of the system but because radio communications equipment is highly customisable we can supply alternative solutions for any part of the system.

The Radio
The Kenwood TK3000 has been chosen because of its small size (easy to conceal in lightweight summer work wear) and its reliability. Kenwood radios over 25 years have proven to be some of the most reliable radios available, when they do go wrong we can fix them at low cost.

The TK3000 (UHF) radio is Kenwood's smallest and lowest cost licensed radio. Very small, thin and lightweight but still with tough and reliable construction Kenwood are famous for. Built on an alloy chassis it is tough, reliable and designed for daily use. Suitable for use in back-to-back and repeater applications. For most sites less than 500m in diameter this radio is used in back to back mode.

The Earpiece
A covert clear acoustic tube earpiece is generally a preferred style because it is almost invisible to the casual observer. The other preferred type is a clear hook type which sits outside the ear and although not so invisible is still low key and fits a large variety of ears. 

Optional Six Way Charger Rack
Where you would like to charge six radios in one location rather than at six separate locations we can supply a six way rack. This is very cost effective as uses the individual chargers bundled with each radio.

OFCOM Radio Licence
A radio licence is required from OFCOM. If a dealership in your group already has a licence you may not need to apply for one.
We will apply for the licence on your behalf but payments are made direct to them.

Applications / Other Information

In the Box

  • Radio
  • Aerial
  • Single Intelligent Charger
  • Belt Clip
  • Battery

Power and Battery Life

  • 1130mAh Li-Ion
  • TX5% RX5% Standby 90% >9hrs minimum

Size and Weight

  • Body size (excluding aerial) 54 x 113 x 25mm
  • Radio+Battery 203g Grams

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