Basic One Wire Covert Earpiece for Kenwood 2 pin

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One wire Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Kenwood
Kenwood 2 pin plug
One wire Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Kenwood
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Key Features

  • Modular construction. All parts available as spares.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Spare buds and tubes available separately.
  • One Wire System earpiece.
  • Rotating clip on the combined Mic- PTT.
  • Rotating clips on the collar clip of the Acoustic tube

The basic version of the classic one wire earpiece acoustic tube covert earpiece system.

The clear acoustic tube is routed over the top and around the back of the ear for concealment. The transducer attaches to your collar with a rotating clothing clip. The cable is attached to the transducer by a small 2 pin plug making the transducer replaceable should it ever fail. The cable continues under your clothing to the radio.

From the radio is a single cable up to the earpiece. Halfway along the cable is the combined Mic and PTT button with clothing clip.

Supplied with two ear buds. Extra buds and tubes available when required.

Applications / Other Information

  • Close Protection
  • Door and Event Security (Noisy and Quiet)
  • Film and TV
  • Front of Camera and Studio
  • Theatre
  • Clear Acoustic Tube
  • Two Earbuds

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