Motorola T6222

Part Number: MOTO-T6222
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Applications / Other Information

Very small but feature packed. A tough radio small enough to be worn on the arm using the Aquapac Mini Walkie sports.
Up to 5 day battery life with Alkaline batteries and an optional intelligent 4hr charger and battery pack. Can be set to ring or vibrate and scramble helps prevent eavesdropping.
This radio is ideal for occasional use and small enough to carry on self-propelled journeys.
Key features
Long battery LifeUse quality Alkaline batteries for 130 hours standby and 8.2 hours talk time
Vibrate or Ring Incoming calls can be set to ring ro vibrate the radio.
Auto Power-Off Save batteries. Programmable 1 to 8 hours. If the radio has not made a call or any controls used, it will power off.
Voice Scramble If passing sensitive information switch to scramble mode. Please read additional information about eavesdropping. Range will be slightly reduced when using scramble.
Dual Battery UseUse either the Motorola battery pack, your own rechargeables or Alkaline disposable batteries.
Mic Gain Selects the sensitivity of the internal microphone to your voice.
Key LockLocks the keypad to prevent accidental channel change.
VOX Transmit without pressing buttons. If using plug in accessories they must be designed for VOX use. Adjust VOX sensitivity to get best results.

Power and Battery Life
3AA alkaline batteries or optional NiMHbattery pack.
Alkaline: Standby 130hrs TX continuous 8hrs
NiMH: Standby 39 hrs TX continuous 2.4hrs

Size and Weight
Body size (excluding aerial) 100 x 56x 33mm
Radio (excl battery) 163 Grams 5.4 Ounces

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