Basic D Shape Earpiece with Boom Mic

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Kenwood 2 pin plug
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Key Features

  • Ideal for quiet and medium to noisy applications.
  • Head-Up communications.
  • Flexible Boom Mic.
  • Soft rubber D Shaped Earpiece.
  • Large PTT with rotating clothing clip
  • One Wire System
  • VOX version available to order
  • Optional Remote PTT available

A good all round basic earpiece for head-up communication indoors and out.

The flexible boom Mic helps pick up more of your voice and less background noise. It moves with your head allowing head-up communication so you can transmit without turning your head towards a Mic. It is not noise cancelling so it will work well in fairly quiet applications but is still very usable in fairly noisy or outdoor applications as well.

The soft rubber D shape holds the transducer outside the ear without masking your hearing making it ideal where situational awareness (audible and visual) is important. It can be worn under helmets or hats. The transducer is loud but clear making it very suitable for all but the very noisiest situations. Fits all but the largest ears and is comfortable for day long use.

This is a one-wire system with the PTT located for lapel mounting. The large PTT can be clipped to clothing with the rotating clothing clip and can be operated by gloved hands. It also has a socket into which plugs an optional small remote PTT.

This earpiece works VOX with Kenwood radios with internal VOX such as TK3201 and later models.

Applications / Other Information

  • Outdoor Sports, Cycling, Equestrian.
  • Door and Store Security (Noisy and Quiet)
  • Theatre, Camera Work, Studio.
  • Event and Venue Communications
  • Light to Medium duty applications


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