Multicom 2 Swatcom

Part Number: MULTICOM2-TRX

Typical Applications

  • Fire, Search & Rescue
  • Retail & Public Facing
  • Film, TV, Theatre
  • Marine Industries
  • College & University
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Multicom 2 Swatcom
Multicom 2 Swatcom
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Key Features

  • Wireless communications without button pressing.
  • Full duplex Intercom with up to 8 users..
  • Fully self-contained with lightweight headsets or ear-defenders for full-duplex use.
  • Fully intuitive in use - Virtually no training required.
  • Encrypted for voice security.

The Multicom 2 is the latest and improved version of the Multicom full-duplex beltpack.

This unit allows a team of up to 8 users to talk handsfree, no button pressing under extreme or benign environments.

Internal digital speech processing effectively cuts out ambient noise leaving you to clearly communicate under the noisiest conditions.

Compatible with a wide range of headsets, ear-defenders, helmet kits and PPE from a range of manufacturers means you can have a full-duplex system tailored exactly to your working environment and practices.

OLED display for daylight visibility.
Battery life is 15 hours and spare batteries can be charged while the units are in use allowing multi-shift working.


Price is per unit including a lightweight headset and carry case. You will need at least two units for a working system. Ear-defenders are extra items.

Applications / Other Information

  • Up to 8 Users in Full Duplex
  • Digital Speech Processing
  • Range up to 300m
  • Licence Free 2.4Ghz encrypted
  • Compatible with many makes of headsets
  • Battery Life 15 Hours 2000mAH battery
  • Swappable Battery - USB Charging.
  • Multi Charger Rack
  • OLED display visible in full sunlight


In the box

  • Multicom 2
  • Over the head headset with boom mic.
  • Carry Case


  • A wide range of headsets are available.
  • Base unit which can be powered by 12/110/240 and battery (portable version).
  • Wireless Bridges for wide area coverage powered 12/110/240 and battery (portable version).
  • Radio Communications interface available.
  • Approx Size excluding aerial and beltclip 120 x 65 x 25mm

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Multicom 2 Brochure

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