Quick Exchange Nexus TJS-104 Wired NATO

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Key Features

  • Headset can be disconnected for PTT.
  • Durable In-line Press-to-talk switch.
  • Switch can be positioned on lapel or belt.
  • Can be connected to a wide variety of radios.
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
  • Tried and tested and widely used around the world.

Quick Exchange Nexus TJS-104 U94/AU PTT to fit a huge number of radios. Wired for NATO / Military headsets

A heavy duty inline PTT with stainless clothing clip. Allows the headset to be unplugged at the PTT, reducing wear in fragile radio sockets.

The Wildtalk QX Quick Exchange system is a unique solution allowing;

A QX adaptor (ADAPTOR-QX) is left permanently attached to the radio. Preferably this is fixed to the radio with the radio accessory clamp. This keeps the plug firmly seated in the socket.
The ADAPTOR-QX has a quick release but secure socket at the free end into which is plugged the headset or ear-defender. (Most ear-defenders can be retrofitted with a QX curly cable).
Headsets can now be shift shared without stressing the accessory socket on the radio. The wear part is now the ADAPTOR-QX which can be self-replaced without returning the radio for a new earpiece socket to be fitted.


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