Ultra Lightweight Motorcycle Headset with PTT

Part Number: NANO-MC-PTT-QX
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Key Features

  • Ultra Lightweight 4gms
  • No Headband
  • No discomfort.
  • 29dB SNR tested to EN352-2
  • Very Comfortable
  • Unobtrusive style

A standalone version of the Nanocom MC headset for direct connection to a radio. Supplied with a handlebar Transmit button (PTT).

At just 4grams the Nanocomm headset is probably the lightest communications headset available.

Fitted with our QX Quick Exchange plug system so you can use it with with many different makes of radio. You can find the full range of QX modular adaptors here.

  • Lightweight. Just 4gms.
  • Secure fitting - won’t dislodge (when used with custom earmoulds).
  • Works under nearly all helmets.
  • Cooler in hot environments.
  • No headband, no head pressure.
  • Available in mono and stereo, single and twin boom versions.

Sitting inside your ear it is ideal for use under helmets and also for warm environments where it enables the cooling function of your ears unlike other headsets that cover your ears. The nanocomm mic boom can be worn in the left or right ear.

Ezefit Kits are generic ear moulds which give good levels of sound isolation and come in kits to suit a wide range of ear sizes.The EzeFit kits come with both left and right parts, small and large sizes.

Protect Hear gives the most comfortable, highest noise suppression and the best fit (you will hardly know you are wearing a headset) ProtectHear gives 29dB SNR, EN 352-2: isolation.

Standard Earmoulds give the most comfortable fit, (you will hardly know you are wearing a headset) Lower cost and ideal where occupational noise protection is not required.

The cables are run inside the woven lanyard to prevent tangles and the headset is available to fit any aviation intercom connector.

Price does NOT include earmoulds. You will also need to order one of the following.

For more information on Custom Earmoulds and Ezefit please download this PDF.

Ezefit Kits generic ear moulds

Protect Hear noise suppression gives 29dB SNR, EN 352-2: isolation.

Standard Earmoulds Low cost noise suppression where paperwork is not required.

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