Vehicle Charger for TK-3301 & TK3201

Part Number: CHG-UNIV-12V-TK3301
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Vehicle Charger for TK-3301 & TK3201
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Key Features

  • Rapid charging.
  • Cup can be changed for different radios / batteries.
  • 5 State Intelligent Charging for NiCd, NiMh and LiIon chemistries.

An in vehicle rapid intelligent charger suitable for a wide range of radios. Supplied with a suitable cup-adaptor to suit your radio and battery. A Velcro band and quick release clip secures the radio while driving on bumpy ground.

The radio and battery can be charged as normal or a spare battery can be charged while the radio is in use.

Supplied with a single Cup. The cup can be changed if you change your radio model.

Five intelligeent charging states:

  • Fully Charged. Green Steady
  • 90% Charged. Flashing Green
  • Rapid Charging. Steady Red
  • Waiting to Charge. Flashing Yellow
  • Unchargeable. Flashing Red

Applications / Other Information

Compatible with LiIon and NimH batteries used on TK-3201, 3301, 2302, 2202, 3302, 2302 and many others.

  • Single Cup Supplied.
  • 12v Cigarette Lighter Plug.....Not suitable for 24v Vehicles.
  • Removeable Securing Strap.
  • Metal right-angle mounting bracket.

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