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Custom Earmoulds. What are they? | Custom Earmoulds. What are they?

20 August 2015

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Custom ear moulds offer the most comfortable and highest levels of hearing protection available with or without communications systems.

Moulded from soft silicon to fit the unique shape of your ear-canal custom moulds sits inside your ear blocking harmful noise.

  • Ear-moulds can give a suppression of ambient noise of at least 29dB SNR (EN352-2).
  • Ear-moulds can be an alternative to ear-defenders or disposable earplugs.
  • Ear-moulds can be integrated with communications headsets.
  • Ear-moulds can be tailored to allow some safe levels of audio to pass through.

Custom Headsets
Speakers (transducers) and boom mics can be attached to custom moulds giving the lightest and most comfortable headset manufactured.

Further headset customisation can include internal ProtectHear filters (see below) which will limit the sound from the transducers reaching your ears maintaining EN352-2 protection.

Protect-Hear filters sit between the transducer and / or external noise source and your ear and protect your hearing from high noise levels from the connected device, two-way radio or intercom. This allows the EN 352-2 protection.


  • Hypo-allergenic silicone, medical grade – CE approved.
  • Toxicologically inert material.
  • CE Marked and Tested to EN 352-2: 1993
  • Available as a vented earplug 29SNR or solid earplug 31SNR.
  • 3 colours: yellow, blue (food) and transparent.
  • Metal detectable option.
  • Various filter options also available.

How are Custom moulds made?
You take your ears along to an appointment at your local audiologist such as a Boots, Specsavers or Hearing aid shop. There your ears are carefully injected with silicon which sets to form the Impression. You send us the impressions and we send them to our factory in the UK where they are used to build your custom, moulds, monitors or limiters.

The Impressions cost anywhere from £30.00 upward. Phone your local shop to confirm costs and appointment times. The Impressions can be used to make many Moulds and are usually accurate enough for about three years before you ear-canal will have changed shape with age.

The Moulds cost from around £45.00 without monitors. Monitors or monitors with boom Mic can add anywhere from £50 to £150 to the cost depending on functionality.

Generic Ear moulds
The alternative to custom ear moulds are Generic ear moulds. These come as a kit of various sized plugs to fit all sizes of ears. While not as comfortable or small as custom moulds they offer a low cost solution ideal for evaluating headset functionality.


Custom Earmould Impressions being made.


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