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Headsets for High Noise

01 January 1970

To communicate in noisy places your headset must achieve two tasks:

  1. It must reduce the background noise reaching your ears.
  2. It must allow you to hear the incoming communications.

The headset will have some speakers (transducers) close to your ears. Covering them and your ears a physical barrier to suppress the external noise. Headsets can achieve this in two ways:

  • Headsets with ear-muffs which are large enough to partly or completely cover your ears but containing small speakers.
  • Custom ear-moulds which seal your ear canals from the outside world but contains small speakers.

Both of these methods are highly effective and can work anywhere from a noisy office right through to extremely noisy industrial situations where protection of hearing is mandatory.

Active Cut-off. What if you want to hear what is going on around you? It may be unsafe to be acoustically cut-off from your surroundings. You might work near moving vehicles for instance or the noise is intermittent, construction sites or shooting being good examples. For these situations an Active Cut Off headset is the solution.

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