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Microphones for High Noise

01 January 1970

Microphone For the Microphone to work in a noisy place it must be designed to pick up the users voice but reject ambient noise. These Mics work best where the Mic can be placed very close to the users mouth. They work in a number of different ways but essentially are very directional responding best to the user when their mouth is very close to the Mic and ignoring interfering sounds which are usually much further away.

Speech Processing After your voice (and some background noise) has been picked up by the Mic it can be further electronically processed to emphasise your voice and reduce background noise. This processing may be by analogue or Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuits.

The Mic processor may do a number of tasks.

  • Automatic Gain Control Dynamically changes Mic gain so in noisy environments the Mic becomes less sensitive to ambient noise.
  • Audio Filtering removes non-speech sounds- for example high and low frequencies not necessary for speech communications.
  • Mic Gating. Mutes the Mics keeping the communications system silent while no one is speaking.
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