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Earpiece Resistance to Water.

07 November 2015

Earpiece resistance to water. 

Rain proof

The earpiece can be used in heavy rain (not salt spray). The earpiece will generally hold up to the sort of rain you the user is likely to put up with provided that you keep the radio and connector under the protection of your jacket. If water does get into the earpiece no lasting damage will be done and the earpiece should be dried after use. 

The biggest problem if water does get inside earpiece components will likely be that the Mic will sound muffled. This can be cured by blowing out the water from the mic with your mouth. The worst problem will likely be your radio transmitting unexpectedly. If this happens unplug the earpiece and dry it.

Rain Proof earpieces of this type will be damaged by salt water and should not be allowed to be wetted by salt water. If they do get wet then immediately remove them from the radio and rinse them in fresh water then allow them to dry overnight in a warm place. Follow the radio manufacturers instruction for drying the radio.

Few earpieces meet this specification, the ones that do are usually speaker-mics. If you drop the speaker mic into a puddle up to a metre deep and rescue it within about 30 minutes it should be fine. Speaker Mics of this specification are generally Salt Spray resistant as well.

Degradation of waterproofing.
Mechanical stresses can eventually cause the waterproofing to fail because the joints open slightly. 

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