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Kenwood VOX

01 March 2017

Voice Operated Transmit (VOX) with Kenwood radios.

Applies to TK3201, TK3202, TK2202, TK3301, TK2302, TK3302, TK3401D and some others.

For TK3501, TK3000, TK2000 or TK3101 click here.

VOX is internal on certain Kenwood radios so no external VOX unit is needed.

  • VOX needs to be enabled in the Kenwood software. With licence free radios on the factory settings this is enabled.
  • VOX level needs adjusting for the ambient noise levels. This can be done in the field.
  • VOX proceed tones and hang times although not essential improve VOX functionality. These are not by default enabled in the software.

A suitable headset or earpiece needs to be used. There is no such thing as a special VOX headset but not all kenwood headsets and earpieces are suitable. The headset needs to have a live Mic, a mic that is always connected to the radio, not via the PTT (i.e. In series with the PTT).  Some headsets are wired in such a way that PTT works fine but VOX does not. All Wildtalk earpieces are VOX capable.
With a suitable headset plugged in you need to put the radio into VOX mode by following the instructions in the Kenwood manual.

Once in VOX mode speaking into the headset triggers transmit. If you press the PTT on the earpiece or radio VOX is immediately disabled and the headset returns to PTT mode.

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