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PTT (Push to Talk)

Aaron Ward
12 December 2015

Push to Talk (PTT) usually refers to Two-way radios.... Walkie Talkies. Push to talk is the common name for the radio or earpiece Transmit button. PTT is the acronym. PTT is sometimes also called Pressel in military jargon.

You push the button, the radio transmits and you speak. Many other radios will hear you but only one radio can talk at once.

All two way radio systems are Push-to-talk (PTT) as standard. This is what makes radio a different tool to mobile phones and much more suitable for certain applications. One radio user can talk to hundreds of others, instantly, and without dialling a number.

Push to talk is the simplest most cost effective system for connecting dozens of users who need to broadcast information fast.

The downside of PTT is that while one particular radio is transmitting it cannot receive. No other radio can transmit either. Not ideal for some safety critical situations. Where more than one person needs to talk at once then Full Duplex Systems solve the problem. Small groups of users are all able to talk at the same time.

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