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How do Kenwood PMR 446 radios differ?

Aaron Ward
01 December 2014

The following series of Kenwood radios have been extremely successful due to their great performance, clear audio and robust and repairable construction. But what are the differences?

Key Points

  • All will talk to each other (assuming programmed correctly)
  • All share the same earpieces and headsets.
  • The charger is common throughout except for the early TK3201 and Funkey
  • All except the TK3501 and Funkey share the same battery.
  • All are component level repairable although some parts for early models are now scarce.
  • All are really great radios and second-to-none for performance.


TK3201 Early

NiMH Battery & KSC-31 charger.
Voice annunciation. Scramble, Scan. Analogue Only

TK3201 Late

Li-Ion Battery & KSC-35 charger. 
Voice annunciation. Scramble, Scan. Analogue Only


As above.


As above.

Extra analogue channels added

Second Zone (Set of channels) adds Digital channels. Some DSP settings available.


As above
Three Mixed Zones. Digital Channels and Analogue Channels

Highly configurable Mic settings and Max, Min Volumes settable.

Second PTT Channel

For users are using analogue channels (most users) all the above radios are more or less identical and neither offers any significant advantages.




Smaller than all the above radios. Shares the same charger but a smaller, lower capacity battery. Not quite the robust build of the above radios. Basic functionality. Analogue only. No voice annunciation.

Funkey UBZ-LJ8 Analogue Only. Basic functionality.
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