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Sena Bluetooth Products. General Pairing Notes.

01 January 1970


Depending upon the device that you are pairing, you may need to enter a PIN code. This can be found in the instruction manual, however here are some common unlock PINs that most devices use:

0000, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 0123, 1234

Sena SR10 Dongle

  1. Turn ON by pressing the pairing button (small grey button at the top of the dongle) and PTT button (large central button) at the same time until LED lights up.
  2. Press Pairing button for 5 seconds if Bluetooth headset pairing, or 8 seconds if Mobile phone/other device pairing.
  3. Bluetooth headset pairing indicated by red/blue alternate flashing.
  4. Mobile/Other device pairing mode indicated by red flashing.

Sena SPH10 Headset (behind head)

Turn headset ON by pressing the 'Jog dial' (large dial on the left side) and the 'Phone button' (small button located under and to the side of the Jog dial) at the same time. ON state indicated by a blue LED and ascending tones.

Mobile Phone/Other device Pairing:

  1. Hold Phone button for 5 seconds until LED flashes red/blue alternately and you hear multiple beeps. Then use your phone/other device to pair to the headset.
  2. Other SPH10 Headsets:
  3. Make sure all headsets are ON. Press and hold Jog dial for 5 seconds until red LED starts to flash rapidly – work your way through headsets one at a time. Once in pairing mode, select one headset and tap the Jog dial once and wait until headsets have paired.

Sena SMH10 Headset/Intercom

Same as SPH10 headsets. Phone button is located on the side next to the jog dial.
For new firmware (v5.0) use jog dial to pair to everything other than another SMH10. Hold for longer for 'universal pairing mode'

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