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Earpiece Type
Earpiece - General Purpose
Earpiece - Covert
Earpieces - Modular QX
Wireless - Inductive
Tetra - (Airwave)
Radio Plug Type
Kenwood 2 pin
Kenwood Multipin
Motorola 2 pin Plug
Motorola GP340 Multipin
Motorola GP344 Multipin
Motorola T series 2.5mm
Motorola DP2000 Multipin
Motorola TRBO, DP3 Series, DP4 Series Multipin
Motorola MTH, MTP850 Side Plug
Motorola SL4000
Icom Right Angle Screw Down
Icom Right Angle
Icom Multipin I2
Icom Marine
Icom / Standard Straight Plug
Icom Airband
Icom RJ45
Hytera PD3 series
Hytera PD5 series
Hytera PD6 & X1 series
Hytera PD7 series
Modular - QX Quick Exchange
Modular - McKay
Audio - Vertex & Yaesu Plug
TTI Opus 2pin
Tait 5000
Sepura Side Plug
Entel E1
Entel E2
Entel E4 plug
Maxon 2 pin
Audio - All Radio Makes
Inductive Loop
Audio - All
Aviation GA
Aviation Airbus
Aviation Helicopter
Radio Type
Licensed Basic
Licence Free PMR446
Licensed Systems
National Coverage
Products by Application
Manufacturing & Food
Oil, Gas, Nuclear
Construction & Rail
Small Site / School
College & University
Retail & Public Facing
Fire, Search & Rescue
Film, TV, Theatre
Security & Defence
Farming, Forestry, Shooting
Marine Industries
Sports & Entertainment
Outdoor Pursuits
Aviation & Airsports
Price Range
£0 - £3.99
£4 - £7.99
£8 - £11.99
£12 - £15.99
£16 - £19.99
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Outdoor Pursuits

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