Portable Repeater for Sonetics


Typical Applications

  • Security & Defence
  • Construction & Rail
  • Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Power
  • Marine Industries
  • Manufacturing & Food
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Portable Dect Repeater
Portable Dect Repeater for Sonetics
Portable Dect Repeater 4 Slot
Portable Dect Repeater
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Key Features

  • Self Contained
  • Battery Powered
  • Tough & Robust
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 4 Channel DECT

The Duplexcom four slot wireless repeater is designed and built by Wildtalk allowing you to extend your Sonetics headset range up to and beyond 2km.

Tough, Robust and Waterproof to IP67 the repeater is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments extending the range of up to four Sonetics headsets or Belt-packs.

Three repeaters can be daisy chained to extend range even further. Six repeaters can be linked to one Sonetics wireless base so a coverage can be extended over very large areas.

This IP67 unit has been designed for confined space communications in wet environments and will extend voice communications in small diameter tunnels where other wireless systems fail.


Ground Level
In open-field with internal antennas range is extended over 300m per repeater.

Above Ground
With external directional antennas in open-field communications can be achieved over a narrow path up to 2km long and beyond. Ideal for power transmission and pipe line communications.

Confined Space
In confined space a chain of three repeaters has been tested in a 1.5m diameter tunnel with bends to 300m with an additional 100m range above ground.

The Portable version of the repeater is designed for remote field use and can be charged from a 12v vehicle, 110v and 240v ac. Battery life is around 24 hours. Recharge time 10 hours.


Applications / Other Information

  •     Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Power
  •     Security & Defence
  •     Manufacturing & Food
  •     Fire, Search & Rescue
  •     Construction & Rail
  •     Marine Industries


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