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Battery Failure in Two-Way Radios

10 November 2015

Battery failure in two way radios are THE most common cause of communication problems. Whether you have a fleet of fifty radios or just two radios poor battery management can make a whole radio system appear to be suffering from problems.

Battery maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your radio system running smoothly.

Modern radios have intelligent charging systems and very high performance batteries but batteries don't last forever. Batteries are fit for around 500 full charges which means they usually last at least 18 month in single shift working. They don't just die but gradually loose capacity over time eventually not lasting a full days work. Power consumption is about 30 times greater during transmitting than in standby so radios which transmit a lot will flatten the battery faster.

Eventually some batteries will not be lasting a full day and an unidentified failing battery mixed up in a poorly managed radio system can make the whole radio system appear to have multiple problems.

Battery problems can show themselves in the following ways;

  • The radio Receives OK but transmits only for a few seconds or less. Indicated by the low battery warning beeps after transmitting for a short time.
  • The radio powers Off then On without warning. Indicated by power up beeps at unexpected times.
  • Any of the above before the end of the working day.
  • The radio powers off without warning.

These articles should help you prevent and manage battery problems:

  • Managing your radios.
  • Battery Management
  • Charging Batteries
  • Battery Life
  • Battery Chemistry
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