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Incoming Audio Chopped or Distorted

Aaron Ward
01 August 2015

Incoming Audio (Radio Receiving a Transmission)

Weak Speech buried under a lot of white noise.
Most likely a weak signal.

  • Long range transmissions - Move closer.
  • Buildings or Hills blocking the signal - Move closer.
  • Faulty aerials on either Transmit or Receiving radio -Check aerials for damage.


Distorted Audio, speech sounds crackly, buzzy or quieter than it could be when no earpiece is connected. Works fine with earpiece plugged in.
Most likely the loudspeaker is damaged.

  • Speaker damaged or distorted - Send for repair.
  • Iron Filings or Swarf stuck to speaker Grille - May need to be sent for repair.
  • Radio housing damaged - Send for repair.


Audio Chopping, syllables missing.
Either a faulty earpiece/ earpiece -Mic cable or radio has drifted off frequency.

  • Confirm radio is fine without earpiece - Replace earpiece.
  • If symptoms remain without earpiece - Send radio for repair.
  • If problem only occurs between old and newer radios the frequency may have drifted - send for repair.
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