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Hytera Full-Duplex

Aaron Ward
12 January 2016

The Hytera full-duplex technology offers the longest wireless range, without infrastructure, of any of the full-duplex systems we know of.

Available in VHF and UHF versions using conventional radio technology ranges of miles can be easily attained. Taking advantage of the two time slots of DMR radio one-to-one full duplex links can be quickly setup. 

Additionally these radio can be used with a Repeater in the conventional manner to achieve huge coverage ranges.

The handheld PD985 has full handsfree capability which means a headset is not required.

Please note that this is a two slot full-duplex link only. Only two users can connect at any time however you can have a huge number of users that can direct-dial in full-duplex. 

When not in full-duplex mode these radios will function as conventional PTT radios with All, Group and Private calling.

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